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NOTICE 11/02/2021:

Two-Factor Authentication has now been enabled for WebGrants.  Once you enter your User ID, an email will be triggered with a one-time passcode; this passcode will be needed to log-in to the WebGrants system.  The passcode will be sent to the email address on file for your User ID.  ***PLEASE NOTE IT CAN TAKE UP TO 3 MINUTES TO RECEIVE YOUR PASSCODE VIA E-MAIL.***

The passcode will only be active for 30 minutes. Once you receive the e-mail, go back to the login page to enter your password and one-time passcode.

ALL user passwords have been reset; you should be prompted to enter a new password the first time you log-in with two factor authentication .  The days between password changes has also been reduced, from 180 days to 90 days.

Unfortunately email is the only way users will be able to receive the passcode; text messages are not available for this feature at this time. 


Welcome to the Missouri Department of Public Safety's WebGrants homepage!

Click on the link below to download the WebGrants User Manual:

WebGrants External User Manual, June 2021

1/25/16:  Please note, Microsoft has announced that it will be discontinuing versions of Internet Explorer v.10 and prior in the coming months.  The only internet browsers recommended for use with WebGrants are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer v.11, Edge, and Safari.  Users should know that problems could exist within the system through use of any other browser.

To access WebGrants, users must have a User ID and Password.  Returning users may enter their User ID and Password in the "Log In" section above to access WebGrants.  If you have forgotten your User ID, click "Forgot User ID" above to have it sent to your email.  If you have forgotten your Password, click 'Forgot Password' to have it sent to your email.  If you have forgotten your User ID and Password, contact a Department of Public Safety staff member.

The WebGrants system tracks users by their organization.  If the organization is already registered with WebGrants, new users should refrain from submitting a registration request.  Instead, new users for an already registered organization should contact the registered user(s) within their organization to obtain a User ID and Password.  Existing registered users are responsible for adding additional registered users through the "My Profile" module once logged into WebGrants.  Users who have been added by an existing user are not subject to approval by the Department of Public Safety,  but please note that the Department of Public Safety is not notified of such additions, which could result in the new user not being included in the appropriate contact list and thus not receiving email notifications.  If your organization has an existing grant with the Department of Public Safety, please consult with the grant's guidelines about how to notify of the addition of registered users.

Only organizations not yet registered with WebGrants should use the "Register Here" section above.  The "Register Here" section will register the organization and the user.  Be sure the information provided is that of your applicant agency and work contact.  Once completed, your registration will be subject to approval by the Department of Public Safety.

Users (e.g. grant writers) seeking access to multiple approved organizations within WebGrants should contact the Department of Public Safety to allow access to view each organization's grants.  These users should not register in WebGrants more than once as each registration assigns a new login.  The user would be unable to maintain all relevant grants under one login if registered more than once.

If you have questions or problems, please email or call (573) 751-4905.  If you have questions about a particular grant program, please be sure to include the name of the grant program in the subject line of any e-mail messages.  This will ensure your email is handled promptly by the appropriate program staff.

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